The teaching of art, music, and drama is so often marginalised in the mainstream school curriculum and we hope to provide outlets where, during the holidays and after school, children can explore, create, enquire, experiment and, above all, have fun.

At Kaleidoscope our goals are straightforward:

-To promote and encourage an appreciation of the arts among children.

-To re-connect kids with the outdoors.

-To provide children with the tools and guidance needed to create, express, and explore.

Safety First

We place the safety of children above all else. Our course leaders hold First Aid certificates and are capable of dealing with the various mishaps that are bound to occur with children. We adhere to a strict ratio of 1:5 adults to children while on trips away from the base, and the children wear high-vis vests at all times on these trips. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are looked after by mature, professional caregivers.


The atmosphere we foster is of utmost importance, as it’s one which allows children to feel valued, secure and free to express themselves and to enjoy being part of a group.  

Who We Are

Team Kaleidoscope is a small group of children-at-heart who are wholly committed to what they do, whether it be music, art, sport, drama, or outdoor learning. They are chosen firstly for their ability to engage with children but also for their leadership skills, their compassion, their sense of humour, and their energy. All staff hold up-to-date enhanced DBS records and have proven experience of caring for children.













Venues in Chelsea: 

st luke's map 500px.jpg

St Luke's Hall, St Luke's Street SW3 3RP (view map here)

The Hall of Remembrance, Flood Street SW3 5SY (view map here)

The Hut, Alpha Place SW3 5SY (view map here)


Venues in Kensington:

chrictchurch ken 500px.jpg

Christ Church Kensington, Victoria Road W8 5RQ (view map here)



We are opening new centres in Clapham and Bath, Somerset!





Do you like drawing?

We are currently looking for great people to join our team for the busy summer program. We need artistic people with a proven track-record of caring for children along with an up-to-date DBS record. If you fit this description, why not send in your CV along with some words about why you would make a great addition to our team? 

Still a bit green but interested in gaining experience in the field of primary education? We also offer weeklong placements where you will receive hands-on training and support throughout your stay, along with a reference letter to be used in future job-seeking and also first claim on any upcoming positions. Several of our current staff started on these voluntary placements.

Email us here for more details: